Saturday, August 2, 2008


The new Twilight book came out today. It seems all of my friends have been counting down the days. I guess even my mom pre-ordered the book. Kind of surprised me! Are you reading the book today?

I would like to read it eventually. I think I can wait a few days to borrow someone else's copy. My big question is, will Bella become a vampire or not? I'm not sure I want her to...too many questions in the air...would she really be happy, could she control her appetites, give up her family?


shawn said...

I got the book when I went to the "launch party" friday night.. in fact I was the 1st one to buy the book at 12:01.. read it yesterday!! It's good.. It's really good.. Hope your mom liked it too!!

Abby said...

Erin, we grabbed the book at a wal mart ($13!) on our way back from minneapolis today, so you can borrow mine if you want. Maybe even to read before me...I'm trying to put it off 'til the next plane ride looming ahead in my travel-filled summer (unlikely, but we'll see). The funny thing is that Ice is probably the most eager to get his hands on it:)