Thursday, March 27, 2014

Good reads

With the craziness of my life, I haven't had much time to check in. I've felt a lot of emotions lately, excitement, frustration, disappointment, loneliness, stress (and anxiety about not blogging--okay, not really, but I have missed it). But today I am feeling pretty good. Mostly relief. I am much closer to making a final decision for my life after residency, which begins in less than three months! I can't say yet what I will be doing but hope to have something figured out very soon. Yay! And my house has been clean for over a week, maybe two. (Baby steps to getting my life back.)

And other news, if you haven't checked out my mom's book, she is part of a March reading promotion with 13 other books you may be interested in from a variety of genres. It is currently 99cents on kindle over at You can't get much of anything (not even a candy bar) for a buck these days, so give it a try!

March Book Promotion

Scroll down to the middle until you find it. It looks like this!

If you have read it or plan to read it, give her an honest review on or Goodreads. She would love to hear from you.

Happy reading!


Erin said...

I should mention the promotion ends in 5 days!

S. Jackson Rivera said...

Thanks for mentioning this promotion. I am so honored to be included in this collection.

I DO need more reviews on Amazon, so please, if you've read it or plan to take advantage of this promotion and get it for only 99 cents, please take a moment and say how you liked it in the reviews. That would be the greatest favor to me at this time. Thank you. (If you know a movie producer you could send a copy to--that would be a pretty good favor too. ha ha)

Tawnya said...

Just thinking about you making decisions makes me anxious! Good luck!

Blogger said...

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