Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's the most wonderful time

Let's go out of order, shall we. Now that we have passed the New Year, let's go back to Christmas.

I was really looking forward to "the holidays" this year. And then I found out I would be on call for the month starting mid-December instead of January 1. Talk about a bummer! I was not only expecting to not be on-call, but hoped to take vacation to really enjoy that time. Luckily, I had plenty of time to come to grips with my ill-holiday fate (since at least June). By the time it rolled around, I was (mostly) okay with the idea.

Obviously, we were unable to participate in the Sheffield Chicago Christmas tradition. Every year they spend some time up in the city at Christmas time, driving home late Christmas Eve. Luckily, we were able to be in Chicago a few weeks earlier for a conference, which made it feel more like we were able to get in our Chicago Christmas Fix.

Since Abe and I were both working (he was working the night shift and I was on-call), his family was nice and came home a day early to spend some time with us. I particularly appreciated not being alone on Christmas Eve while Abe was stuck at the hospital.

(Unfortunately for me, that also meant the traditional Chinese Christmas Eve dinner! I'm not one for Chinese and so we joke that for me this is the "worst Christmas tradition, ever!" But at least with the Chinese buffet we went to this time I could pig out on things I do like...crab rangoons, Mongolian BBQ, sushi...)

Because Abe was working the night shift, we went to the hospital to visit him on Christmas Eve. We sang a few carols, opened Christmas Eve pajamas, and showed off Sheffield Christmas shoes.

We were blessed with a White Christmas day, which was also a quiet one for me, despite being on call. We were able to spend the entire day with Abe's family opening presents. I was really spoiled this year!

After I was very happy with the other gifts I received and feeling a little sheepish by the generousity of others, Abe surprised me with a new ring! It isn't anything like my last one, which is what I was wanting. (I didn't want any painful reminders of how it just wasn't quite right.) I do have occasional moments of missing my original, but it is so sparkly I usually forget. It is nice to have something back on my finger.

 He also surprised me with the gold Christmas tree I've been coveting since I saw it in one of our local department stores. I was kicking myself for not buying it when the floor model was for sale because I haven't found one like it anywhere else (at least for under $1000). Somehow he bought it without my knowing while we were doing some Christmas shopping together. I couldn't help but put it up the other day even though it is a little past my usual Christmas-tree-time window.

It looks pretty green in the picture below but the upper picture shows its color a little better. So excited to decorate this glittering beauty next year. Any suggestions anyone on a good color scheme?
Overall, I think this year that I was (almost) dreading turned out to be one of the best. I felt especially grateful for time with family, my health, and the wonderful things I have been so blessed with. I think worrying it might be a horribly disappointing year just made me appreciate it that much more.
With that said, I am still hoping to have a Christmas off-call next year!


Rachel Culmer said...

What a nice surprise -- a ring. :) I understand not wanting one just like your original. I love my ring so much that I wouldn't like a "copycat."

Nice shoes Abe.

Camber said...

Erin, I love reading your blog. I just caught up on a bunch of your posts. I loved the one on body image, agree that being sick is super lame, and I love your new ring :)