Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy New Year to my closet

I made a New Year’s Resolution this year to save a little more money.

To keep that resolution, I went shopping!

Oops. I couldn’t help myself. Christmas gets me into spending mode. The problem is, after I spend on everyone else, I want to spend on myself.

After Christmas is a great time to shop. I knew that. But evidently WELL AFTER Christmas is also a great time to shop. I keep finding new deals I can’t pass up. I don’t feel too bad as I really don’t buy myself clothes very often. And I got some great deals (I’m really saving money, right?).

I normally would think this was a kind of boring post. But I find that similar posts in my blog reading in the past about outfits girls find that they tout as being highly fashionable (even when I often disagree) get lots of comments, especially when a great deal has been used to obtain the (questionably) fashionable item. Feel free to shower the “You go girls!” upon me as you feel appropriate.

So, to garner the praise, here is the majority of my booty (not counting the new stuff I also found for Abe).

photo (1)

This is $660 worth of clothes for $150.

2 long sleeve T’s

1 sweater

1 vest

1 wool jacket

2 dresses

1 sweat pants

1 cardigan

1 chino dress pant

1 button down casual shirt

That’s an average of about $13.50 per item compared to $60 per item, and that includes dress pants, dresses, and coats. I feel pretty good about that!

So where did I garner such a  treasure trove of women’s clothing? I scored big at Kohl’s. This was probably the highest yield with about $250 of merchandise for about $40. I recently had a conversation with a friend who said she only buys nice clothes and has never been to Kohl’s.

“Does Kohl’s even have anything trendy?”

I leave that up to you to judge, but that is where I got the sweater, the t shirts, the coat, and the orange dress. I’m not going to be presume that I am the fashion authority, especially as I near 30 and feel more and more out of touch with what is “cool,” but I was happy. So, if you agree with my friend, maybe I am wearing grandma clothes (which actually is not totally untrue as Abe’s 86 yo grandma gives me her hand-me-downs which I often do wear – she’s a classy lady!) but at least those “non-trendy clothes” were a real deal.

I bought the cardigan, dress pants, and silver dress at Banana Republic. The sweats and vest at Sear’s going-out-of-business sale (never really shopped at Sear’s before), and the pink shirt at American Eagle.

I’m a sucker for a good deal and I’d be curious to hear where you like to shop for the deals. And remember, comments (especially “you-go-girls”) are always appreciated.


Erin said...

Oh I forgot I also bought a sweater dress at Kohls that was included in the $40! Forget my friend, I love that place. Too bad for her she hasn't figured it out yet.

brenna said...

Sounds like you saved to me! They look cute!