Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My husband is a Japanese Celebrity

Remember my last post…(of course you do since it was so unforgettable!)? I promised to give some follow up on Abe’ Japanese stalker.

Maybe stalker is a little harsh. Maybe admirer would be a better word choice. But as a wife this seemed a little strange. This is my interpretation at least…


Abe was in a store at the airport after checking in for his flight home. He was greeted by a cute Japanese woman in an airline uniform. “Are you Mr. Abraham?”

Abe said yes, thinking maybe they were asking him to go to the gate early since he’d been selected for a pre-board screening.

“Do you remember me?” Abe said he was puzzled, wondering if maybe he knew her from before when he lived in Japan. And then he realized, no.

“Yes, you checked me in when we arrived at the airport.”

She confirmed this, then asked for his picture, if she could add him as a facebook friend and then gave his brother her card to give to Abe.

I’m not sure her motives but as a jealous wife it seemed a little stalkerish to me.



And here is where I admit I know a little about stalking myself. Not only have I seen a large number of crime dramas on TV (where stalking is a hot topic), but I was also a desperate teenage girl once with stalker tendencies. (Hopefully I’m not the only!) Luckily, I was able to use these skills to good use by using the wonders of Facebook and its total lack of privacy to find this picture.


I feel a little crooked posting this but I think when she added Abe as a friend I got permission to do some stalking myself. And I think she looks really sweet and nice. So maybe she isn’t a stalker, after all.

And I can’t blame her for wanting to be friends with Abe. It seems most people do.

But I may continue to do a little stalking myself, just to be sure…

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Susan said...

Nothing wrong with a little suspicion.