Saturday, October 15, 2011


Last night we went camping at a local campsite with friends. Abe brought some muffins for breakfast the next day. While unpacking, we left the hatchback open to my car.

Me: “Honey, did you sneak a taste of one of the muffins?”

Abe: “No, why?”

Me: “Hmm, that’s weird because it looks like someone ate one of the muffin tops.”

I walk to the car and get in the front seat. I hear a rustling noise in the back. I look back to see one of these little buddies in the back of the car munching away.

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Me: I squealed!

Little buddy: luckily ran away under the car, and not further INTO the car. He had found the package of muffins, chewed through the plastic, and ate the muffin top of one. I guess he knows the best part of a muffin, too.

He continued to stalk us all night, coming within only 10 or so feet of us while we ate our dinner. He must have liked the muffin and wanted more!

Sneaky little thing!


Oriens said...

seriously so funny. He is probably plotting revenge because we didn't feed him despite all his efforts.

Even raccoons know the best part of a muffin! ha!

brenna said...

Gross! I'm glad he didn't contaminate everything!

Marci Wittwer Butterfield said...

love it!!

Courtright Family said...

HA! So funny. I would've blamed Steve too. Raccoons are gross though, they used to terrorize us at girls camp in WI. I'm surprised he didn't bring friends back with him! By the way, weren't you guys freezing??

nathan n rachel said...

Have you seen the Seinfeld episode about the muffin tops? Great story!

Colt said...

we had three of those at mom and dad's house a couple months ago... I nailed one off the fence with a sling shot!