Monday, August 3, 2009

Why do I never blog anymore?

I survived my first month of internship!

What have I been doing this month?

I took another head and neck anatomy class with cadavers and all, 8 weeks worth packed into 2 weeks. Also, other head and neck lectures for one month.

Did my first incision and drainage for an infection that was blowing up a girl's face. Not a lot of pus, unfortunately. I will have many more chances, I am sure!

Pulling teeth again (about 25 so far).

Signed students off for extractions in the undergrad clinic. I feel very powerful!

I have seen 2 surgeries where they cut along the scalp, pulled the face down, and plated the broken bones. Cool. Seen some other mandible fractures, too.

Met a lot of drunk, busted up people in the ER.

Spent 6 nights in the hospital.

Gained some confidence. My beeper no longer gives me a heart attack!


Abby said...

Good job, and gross about the pus--you want pus? haha.

nathan n rachel said...

1. Yeah for surviving.
2. GROSS--pus facial surgeries! I'm glad I only get to see the patients after their surgeries are done in my field (please don't post pics).
3. Anatomy class--fascinating.

Suz said...

There is a season for everything.